Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stuck Lucky/Arm the Poor - We never sleep split (2007)

Two great american ska-core bands, both playing in the same style yet remaining a original sound. Fast catchy ska-punk for fans of Less then Jake, Common Rider, Coquettish and Spunge.

1 Stuck Lucky- Mexican Switchblade
2 Stuck Lucky- Satan's '32
3 Stuck Lucky- Death By Big Red Buttons
4 Stuck Lucky- Babies In The River
5 Stuck Lucky- What I Get
6 Arm The Poor- Black Widow
7 Arm The Poor- Ballad Of The Damned
8 Arm The Poor- American Youth
9 Arm The Poor- My Father's Words
10 Arm The Poor- The Blood Is On Our Hands



  1. great blog here man
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  2. great album, Arm the poor are really hard to find, such a great band... Thanks !