Friday, March 13, 2009

Agents of Change - Thug Life (2005)

Charged with anger, satire and actual knowledge rather then just quasipolitical nonsense Agents of Change strikes with the best hip-hop of our modern times. Thug Life
is their previous record that was released before Peace in the Mideast/Rest in the Midwest and is full of salsainspired hip hop beats and rhymes that will knock your head off. If you don't already own this album you should download it NOW.

1. G-Unit Live @ Apollo
2. 13 Star General
3. What the Fuck Happened?
4. Fast Talkin'
5. In a State of Dependence
6. Paradox
7. Nothing is Sacred
8. Wake Up
9. Today is Tomorow's Yesterday
10. Make the Change
11. Call Me Jack
12. The War
13. Into the Mist
14. Imascrimp
15. The Reality of Television
16. Its All the Same Machiene
17. WTF Happened Remix
18. Crack Rocks
19. The Way it Has to Be
20. Think Twice
21. Start Today
22. Spare Change