Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jonas Selander - You don't need permition for anything!!! (2009)

Jonas Selander has during the last couple of years had a pretty great influence on the
international Folk-Punk scene, after singing and playing the guitar for several bands and having a song on the international Peace Punxx compilation he've released his own record. You don't need permission for anything will probably be one of my favorite summer albums when the snow fades away because it's packed full of cheerful, lightpaced and warmhearted songs about riding bikes, molotov cocktails and chilling out. There are also a bunch of songs by Jonas' old band The Duck Dolls. If you want the record for your collection it's actually free, just ask him over his myspace if he can send you a copy in the mail at and if you're a real sweetheart: send some cash in a envelope to support him as a musiscian! DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD! (unfortunately I could only upload this record in m4a format but if you want it in mp3, like I said just go to his myspace and ask for the record!)

1. Shopping carts and broken hearts
2. It is Night on Mother Earth and We are alive!
3. I Hate Cars!
4. Let's be Friends!!!
5. Free and Alone (Wingnut Dishwasher's Union cover)
6. This Town on Fire represents Me
7. This feels better (Defiance, Ohio cover)
8. Love is just a Word to define the Eyes behind it
9. My Bike takes Me places School never could
10. Island Time
11. Bam Bam is
The Duck Dolls songs
12. I just Want to Dance with you, girl!
13. Blind Acceptance
14. Burn the Discos!
15. the Ducksong
16. President Butch
17. The Nazi Police
18. No!
19. I hate my skateboard!
20. Little Red Riding Hood
21. A message from Joe Strummer


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