Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stuck Lucky/Arm the Poor - We never sleep split (2007)

Two great american ska-core bands, both playing in the same style yet remaining a original sound. Fast catchy ska-punk for fans of Less then Jake, Common Rider, Coquettish and Spunge.

1 Stuck Lucky- Mexican Switchblade
2 Stuck Lucky- Satan's '32
3 Stuck Lucky- Death By Big Red Buttons
4 Stuck Lucky- Babies In The River
5 Stuck Lucky- What I Get
6 Arm The Poor- Black Widow
7 Arm The Poor- Ballad Of The Damned
8 Arm The Poor- American Youth
9 Arm The Poor- My Father's Words
10 Arm The Poor- The Blood Is On Our Hands


The Anorexic Olsen Twin - S/T EP

Another Chris Burrows project, the Anorexic Olsen Twin plays beautiful, emotional and moody music featuring piano, violin and lyrics that makes me wish it was night. This three-song masterpiece is what gives me hope for original music in 2009. If you like World/Inferno Friendship Society and Asking for It you MIGHT like this. I love it though, fuck you.

1. Sweet Dreams Rebecca
2. The Closest Hole in Space
3. I'd rather Be Playing Piano


The Intifada - Born to Rot (2006)

The intifada is a band I don't know much about, there's nothing about them on the internet and the only place that really got their music is the stupid stupid henchmen's myspace. All I can say is that The Intifada play fast, angry, simple crack rock steady very much like the Stupid Stupid Henchmen and delivers. The funny thing is that they're this underground and yet are one of my favorite crack rock steady bands. They've also played with O.F.C.
You should really download this record because it will make you juice your pants and trash something. The trashiest ska there is.

1. Born to Rot
2. Burn it Down
3. Chain the Children
4. Corporate Blood
5. Disease
6. Free the Opressed
7. Life is Shit
8. Orange Hairs
9. Sick of God
10. Sickness
11. Skate
12. Suburbs


Friday, March 13, 2009

Agents of Change - Thug Life (2005)

Charged with anger, satire and actual knowledge rather then just quasipolitical nonsense Agents of Change strikes with the best hip-hop of our modern times. Thug Life
is their previous record that was released before Peace in the Mideast/Rest in the Midwest and is full of salsainspired hip hop beats and rhymes that will knock your head off. If you don't already own this album you should download it NOW.

1. G-Unit Live @ Apollo
2. 13 Star General
3. What the Fuck Happened?
4. Fast Talkin'
5. In a State of Dependence
6. Paradox
7. Nothing is Sacred
8. Wake Up
9. Today is Tomorow's Yesterday
10. Make the Change
11. Call Me Jack
12. The War
13. Into the Mist
14. Imascrimp
15. The Reality of Television
16. Its All the Same Machiene
17. WTF Happened Remix
18. Crack Rocks
19. The Way it Has to Be
20. Think Twice
21. Start Today
22. Spare Change


Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Commercial Value - Demo (2003)

Before there was Crack Rock Steady there was No Commercial Value. Charged Ska-Punk from New York. Their line-up included Stza Crack and Alec Baillie. It's a lot softer then the stuff that came out after 1996 and got a lot more ska to it though the lyrical content is the same.


1. Suffocate
2. Penis Ska
3. Pig
4. The Choice is Yours
5. My Own God
6. Ditz
7. No Commercial Value
8. The Christ


Molotov Compromise - My Life Has Value (2008)

Ska-charged Crack Rock Steady from Texas. Melodic and very progressive shit for fans of The Dumpers and Man Down! Personal favorite song: Bread. This one's not a rarity, just hard to find through captaincrawl.

1. Intro (2:11)
2. Ultra Marine (2:42)
3. Enough Is Enough (3:16)
4. Calling All Cars (1:56)
5. Bread (1:45)
6. Roll Your Eyes (1:39)
7. Satan's Bail (1:40)
8. My Life (2:23)
9. Religious Profiteers (3:12)
10. Skate! (1:51)
11. No Allegiance (9:20)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chaz.H.Scally - Attack In Progress (2005)

After the break-up of Titan Outfits, Ged, Dengy and Baker went on to form Chaz.H.Scally. Playing fast, catchy crack rock steady full of satire and fun.
Lots of punk, lots of ska, lots of trash. Fun fun fun. This is their only full length
as far as I know.

1. Attack in Progress
2. No Rope
3. '05
4. Character Dintation
5. Looking To The Right
6. Value Your Sanity
7. 6 Foot Shadow
8. Judo Hobo
9. Make Up Your Mind
10. You Dont own
11. Loop Holes


Dancehell Music - The Poseurs & Kung-Fu Monkeys (2009)

Great split from two russian bands. The Poseurs is a crack rock steady act that's been around since 2006, for fans of Leftöver Crack. Kung-Fu Devils plays fast uppaced punk rock with catchy lyrics.

1. The Poseurs - Sekta (Sect) (2:55)
2. The Poseurs - Idiokratiya (Idiocracy) (1:04)
3. The Poseurs - Subculture Is Li(f)e (2:11)
4. The Poseurs - Stado Zevak (Herd Of The Idlers) (2:01)
5. The Poseurs - Blood, Cum Or Bubble Gum (1:36)
6. Kung Fu Devils - Town Of The Neutron Bomb Explosion (1:07)
7. Kung Fu Devils - Boiling Point (1:33)
8. Kung Fu Devils - Auld Lang Syne (0:53)
9. Kung Fu Devils - Straight Outta Dildocore (0:44)
10. Kung Fu Devils - Better Than A Thousand (4:03)


Jonas Selander - You don't need permition for anything!!! (2009)

Jonas Selander has during the last couple of years had a pretty great influence on the
international Folk-Punk scene, after singing and playing the guitar for several bands and having a song on the international Peace Punxx compilation he've released his own record. You don't need permission for anything will probably be one of my favorite summer albums when the snow fades away because it's packed full of cheerful, lightpaced and warmhearted songs about riding bikes, molotov cocktails and chilling out. There are also a bunch of songs by Jonas' old band The Duck Dolls. If you want the record for your collection it's actually free, just ask him over his myspace if he can send you a copy in the mail at and if you're a real sweetheart: send some cash in a envelope to support him as a musiscian! DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD! (unfortunately I could only upload this record in m4a format but if you want it in mp3, like I said just go to his myspace and ask for the record!)

1. Shopping carts and broken hearts
2. It is Night on Mother Earth and We are alive!
3. I Hate Cars!
4. Let's be Friends!!!
5. Free and Alone (Wingnut Dishwasher's Union cover)
6. This Town on Fire represents Me
7. This feels better (Defiance, Ohio cover)
8. Love is just a Word to define the Eyes behind it
9. My Bike takes Me places School never could
10. Island Time
11. Bam Bam is
The Duck Dolls songs
12. I just Want to Dance with you, girl!
13. Blind Acceptance
14. Burn the Discos!
15. the Ducksong
16. President Butch
17. The Nazi Police
18. No!
19. I hate my skateboard!
20. Little Red Riding Hood
21. A message from Joe Strummer


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Johnny Hobo & The Freight Trains - Anarchy means I hate you (2003)

This band needs no further introduction, this record though is pretty rare. The drummer is actually replaced by a drum machine. Not their best record but a must-have for die-hard fans.

01 Only two of my best friends are actual people
02 Church Hymn for the Condemned
03 Fuck the Dictionary
04 DIY Orgasms
05 Below Good and Evil
06 I'm so Punk I hate Punk
07 Put arsenic in the frosting next time


Asking for it - Happy birthday Hitler (2008)

Asking for it is a australian folk punk band mainly consisting of Chris Burrows and a constantly changing line-up. Happy Birthday Hitler is their most recent record and one of my favorite records from 2008. Accoustic songs about doing drugs, daydreaming and skateboarding.

1 Methlabs and Bookstores
2 I Wanna Be an Alcoholic
3 Fuck Cops
4 Home Sweet Homeless
5 Magnum 44 Song
6 Sun Down Now
7 This is How I'm Gonna Live
8 Sometimes
9 Fear Fear Fear is What Holds Us Back
10 Untitled
11 All My Friends Are Drug Addicts


Andrew Jackson Jihad - Only God Can Judge Me ( 2008)

The latest and in my opinion best AJJ record to come out so far, Jesus Saves (God hates us all) is their best song ever because it's the most depressive yet possitive folk-punk song I have ever heard and it's just touching, real and the entire record is just honest and beautiful. A must have.

1: darkest heart
2: jesus saves
3: human kittens
4: growing up
5: candle in the wind (ben's song)
6: guilt: the song
7: so mad at you



Yo. V here. Just informing you that I will be using this blog to upload requested rarities and such from my giantic music archive. If you keep requesting enough I might even start rippin' vinyl. It'll be mostly focus on crack rock steady stuff, rare punk rock records and folk-punk but I might throw in some different flavours every once in a while.