Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Intifada - Born to Rot (2006)

The intifada is a band I don't know much about, there's nothing about them on the internet and the only place that really got their music is the stupid stupid henchmen's myspace. All I can say is that The Intifada play fast, angry, simple crack rock steady very much like the Stupid Stupid Henchmen and delivers. The funny thing is that they're this underground and yet are one of my favorite crack rock steady bands. They've also played with O.F.C.
You should really download this record because it will make you juice your pants and trash something. The trashiest ska there is.

1. Born to Rot
2. Burn it Down
3. Chain the Children
4. Corporate Blood
5. Disease
6. Free the Opressed
7. Life is Shit
8. Orange Hairs
9. Sick of God
10. Sickness
11. Skate
12. Suburbs



  1. yo where you get that picture? its hot! email

  2. Where's Scum Bitch?